What's New at the Storefront

We have dialed back our social posts and will be keeping our focus here and on staging the storefront for a dual purpose for this weekend. 

One side will be 3D scanned and fully online with ever-increasing details and additional photos coming regularly. This has been a big project and we are very grateful to our newest team member, Alex Eninsche, for all her work on this!

The second side of the storefront has a new staging with everything we are looking to sell at deep discounts to make space for what's coming up next. Since big crowds aren't safe now, we will have extra staffing to make sure we can have a sale like this that is safe! 15 people max in the storefront, sanitizer, cleaning, PPE (of course) and more. While we miss those giant sales, we will need to have a slower and more extended approach to keep things comfortable for all. 

One reason we are having this big sale is to lessen the number if items to post online. So we've made the tough calls on what is in the edit and we have the time to focus on. There are a lot of cool things in the sale, just for one reason or another we are moving forward without them. We are always happy to walk through any details and how that has factored into the pricing.

Lot deals and other shop owners are always welcome.

Stay tuned as we keep doing our best to improve our online offering. Let us know what you like and what you don't, thanks!


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